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Oldham’s Local Plan

Its been a long time coming …

Oldham’s Local Plan needs bringing up to date. The Local Plan is a really important part of deciding what kind of place Royton, and the whole borough will be. The Local Plan shapes planning and development up to 2037 and sets the rules for new homes, industrial and business buildings. This means it also helps to decide whether an individual planning application can be approved.

The first stage looks at the issues the plan needs to cover and the policy options. Consultation has just started on the Issues and Options and runs for 8 weeks to the 29th August.

Amongst other things, you can give your opinion on:

  • What homes we need for an ageing population, for disabled people, families; as affordable and private rented homes
  • Should HMOs need planning permission (currently permitted development)
  • Making the most effective use of land and the density of developments
  • Allocation of sites for development
  • Retail, leisure, cultural venues, tourism and policies on farm diversification
  • addressing sustainable development including renewable and low carbon energy
  • Managing flood risk
  • Protecting and enhancing local green spaces, green infrastructure, open space, trees and biodiversity
  • The policy approach to mills
  • the design of buildings including provision for bike and bin storage and electric vehicle charging
  • Do we need a policy to stop hot food takeaways within 400m of a school; or in areas with high levels of obesity; or both

You can see the documents on line at or on paper in any library

If possible please comment via 0r by e mail to

You can also write to Spatial Planning at the Civic Centre.

And in Royton

We continue to respond to complaints and concerns raised by individual residents.

Two issues stand out: parking near schools and Thornham Mill.

Please think about local residents when you park to drop off or collect children from school. People need to be able to get out of their homes or street – they may have urgent or distressing personal business and it is unacceptable for people to be abused if they ask for cars to be moved.

The planning application for Thornham Mill is still being assessed. We have surveyed local residents who were evenly split in favour and against the proposal submitted although almost everyone agreed homes are needed there. We raised all the issues identified with Planning and have delivered an update letter locally. A committee date is not yet agreed.

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