Dead Good With Words


Are you looking for a local freelance copywriter?

Great. You are in the right place.

My name is Deborah Wroe. I’m a freelance copywriter. I specialise in plain English and work with clients all over the UK and English speaking countries, as well as those right here in Royton.

Have a look around my site (links to the right) to learn more about me (for example, the fact that I have worked in a variety of marketing, communications and PR roles since graduating in 1992) and what I can do for your business – press stuff, newsletters, emails, web copy, flyers, brochures and more. You can also see some dead good stuff I’ve written, (like newsletters, published press releases, web copy and more) who I’ve written it for (charities and not-for-profits, SMEs, professional associations, global enterprises, local authorities, start-ups and more) and what some of my dead good clients have said about me (“She’s dead good with words!”) and my copywriting skills. You can also find a wealth of useful and interesting information on my blog, with archives going back a number of years and covering all sorts of wordy and PR related stuff.

Get in touch today to get dead good stuff done.

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