Gong Spa


“Martyn is a gongtastic gong master! I’ve been gonged in a cave, in a hammock and plain and simple on a mat. His playing is magical and hypnotic, his energy resonates calmness, sending soothing ripples of peace and love throughout the room. He is gentle, kind, patient and loves to share the experience with you and answer questions over a cup of herbal tea.
Each time has taken me on a different journey- I’ve cried until I couldn’t see the road on the drive home, I’ve laughed as though I was a little girl who’d eaten too many sweets and just been tickled. I’ve been swimming underwater and flying up in space. The gongs take me on an adventure out of my body or deeper into myself. I’ve seen colours swirl behind my eyes and I’ve felt my aura expand until it might burst into a billion stars and shower the room!
There might not be any water at a gong spa but it’s like being a baby having a bubble bath and then wrapped in a fluffy blanket and cuddled while a lullaby plays you to sweetly sleep.. Bliss Thanks Martyn”, R.

Event Details:



6:30 pm



7:30 pm


Gong Bath at The Broom Cupboard, Royton, Oldham