Promotional Posts Policy


For the purposes of Royton Community Hub anything promoting an event, product, service, collection, fundraiser or job vacancy is a promotional post.

  • One promotional post per person/business entity per week
  • If you think your post has been removed unfairly, message the admins, do not create a thread about it, it will be deleted.
  • Admins word is final.

Business Posts (including events)

Business posts must include the #RoytonBusiness and/or #RoytonEvents if applicable hashtag

  • Posts promoting chargeable products and services and/or free or chargeable events can only be posted on a Thursday.
  • Businesses must be either based in Royton, or provide services in Royton.
  • No MLMs
  • No ticket sales


Job posts must include the #RoytonJobs hashtag

  • Hours & Salary must be included
  • Agencies must identify themselves


We will only accept fundraising/charity posts that link to an official and recognised organisation.

We do not have the resources to check the legitimacy of any other fundraiser so this protects us as managers of a page and you as our local community.



Multiple posts on the same topic within a short length of time will be considered spam and will be removed.